The video “The Phoenicians’ Route” won the Globus Award

The video made by ArcheoFrame (IULM University of Milan) directed by Leonardo Modonutto and with the scientific advice from Sara Ferrari (executive production), received the “Globus Award – Via dei Corti for the Development of the Territory”, an important recognition for those has enhanced the Sicilian territory with videos and short films.

The video will be screened on Thursday evening, 28 November, as official opening of the Independent Short Film Festival in Gravina di Catania. The award will be given to the director Leonardo Modonutto.

The award, sponsored by Globus Television, a television that has always aimed at enhancing Sicily in all its facets, aims to be an encouragement to those who show commitment to the development and preservation of the Sicilian cultural, artistic and natural heritage, by promoting and respecting the environment, identities and local cultures.


Credits Video made by | ArcheoFrame – IULM University of Milan project management and general coordination | Antonio Barone [The Phoenicians’ Route], Luca Peyronel [IULM University]

video direction | Leonardo Modonutto executive production and scientific advice | Sara Ferrari author voice over | Daniele Treu narrative voice | Antonella Giannini video shoot | Leonardo Modonutto, Bernardetta Giordano aerial shots | Vincenzo Cutietta original music | A thousand year by David A. Molina – graphic design and post-production | Leonardo Modonutto video editing |Leonardo Modonutto sound design | Gabriele Gritti

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