The Phoenicians’ Route among the partners of “THE FAB ROUTES” project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme

We are glad to inform you that the Phoenicians’ Route is among the partners of the project “THE FAB ROUTES: DIGITAL SKILLS TO PROMOTE EU CULTURAL ROUTES” selected for funding by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme (Erasmus Plus – KA2 VET Strategic Partnership).


The objective of FAB ROUTES project is to contribute to the enhancement of Cultural Routes by designing

1. a new innovative educational module to allow Cultural Routes’ members and their networks to improve skills and knowledge on several topics such as Cultural Heritage Management; Project Management focused on sustainability; Audience analysis and development; Cultural marketing and branding; Public engagement; Capacity building; Models of governance; Promotion of citizens’ participation etc;
2. a new development model aimed at promoting & including Cultural Routes activities in the system of cultural and tourism services.

Through planned project activities it is expected that:

a) Cultural Route Operators will increase their transversal management, entrepreneurial skills and the strategies to promote their heritage;
b) Alliance among CR associations, public/private touristic and cultural services providers and research centers will be strengthened. In this way, Cultural Routes will exploit their full potential as drivers for social and economic transformation. To reach these goals, the project foresees 2 training sessions carried out in Italy and in Luxembourg by the University of Bologna using an innovative methodology based on case studies construction, audio-visual training tools and research on skills needs to tailor the module on CR needs.

More than 50 people will be trained with the project tools and the materials and methodology will be available in 5 European languages, allowing large scale exploitation of the tool directly tested with the CR members located in different EU countries.

The project will be implemented by 8 partners: 6 European Cultural Routes officially recognized by the Council of Europe

  1. ATRIUM – Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes in Europe’s Urban Memory (Italy) – LEAD BENEFICIARY
  2. The Phoenicians’ Routes based in Italy;
  3. European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage based in Luxembourg;
  4. The Olive Tree Cultural Foundation based in Greece;
  5. The European Routes of Emperor Charles V with headquarters in Spain;
  6. The Via Regia based in Germany – even though based and registered in one county, each Association/Cultural Route is composed by a number of authorities located in other European countries),
  7. The Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism – CAST University of Bologna (responsible for scientific coordination)
  8. ARGO, a private company specialized in the implementation of cultural projects with important expertise on audio-visual training production and digital communication strategy.

Project Total Duration: 24 months (2020-2022)