The Fab Routes Project: first two online workshops

Wednesday 16 March and Tuesday 13 April, the first two workshops of the FabRoutes project, two of a series of three, were held with the objective of stimulating the exchange among Cultural Routes on their governance model and open a discussion on the way to solve management problems knowing that the goal of each Cultural Route is to achieve the priority fields of action. These activites can be considered the first step in the design of a Model Strategy that should enable Cultural Routes to better integrate existing cultural and tourism services systems. Within this framework the project focus on three axes: Governance (relationship between the head of the Route and its members); Cooperation or Networking (the relationship with the cultural and tourist eco-system); Communication.

The first meeting was focused on Governance, meaning the way the head of the Route builds and manages the relationship with its members. The result was a very interesting workshop, where we were able to present the type of governance of the Phoenicians’ Route, as well as to hear about the models of other Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe. We also created spaces for debate and reflection on challenges, opportunities and models among the representatives of the Routes.

The aim of the second meeting was to stimulate the exchange among Cultural Routes on their external cooperation and networking models and open a discussion on the way to better include Cultural Routes in their culture and tourism service systems. This activity can be considered the second step in the design of the Model strategy. During the second workshop, the Director of the Phoenicians’ Route presented the Smart Ways model as a best practice.

The workshops were organized by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism CAST – University of Bologna, project partner.