Scientific and Steering Committee Meeting. Selinunte, March 16th, 2018

On March 16th, 2018 in Marinella di Selinunte (Sicily), the meeting of the Phoenicians’ Route International Scientific Committee was held in the conference hall of the Admeto Hotel.

The meeting, opened by the incumbent President Prof. Giovanni Brizzi, was an opportunity to evaluate the new sixteen applications received (nine of them were from Italy, one from Greece, two from Spain, one from France, one from Lebanon, one from Malta) that have been approved after a debate and an exchange of ideas.

The Committee also jointly defined the objectives of its activities and ongoing scientific research, analysed the list of events to be implemented in the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the XV Anniversary of the certification of the Phoenicians’ Route: in particular the program of the “Ancient Mediterranean Days 2018”, strategies and planning activities for the 2018/2020 three-year period and discussed the situation of the Governance, the management of National Networks and the topic of annual fees.

The Scientific Committee approved the proposal made by the Management to integrate Dr Ksenija Keča of the Libertas International University of Zagreb (Croatia) into the Scientific Committee, now composed of 6 members (including 4 women) from 6 different countries and approved that Dr Karsten Xuereb, Inizjamed’s Project Manager (Malta), joins the Steering Committee, now composed of 6 members from 4 different countries.

The meeting was attended by the following members of the Scientific Committee or their delegates:
Arturo Ruiz Rodríguez, Jaen University (Spain)
Rachid Chamoun, LAU – American Lebanese University (Lebanon)
Jocelyne Napoli, Paul Sabatier- Toulouse III University (France)
Enzo Finocchiaro, Bologna University – Rimini Campus, member of the Steering Committee and delegated by Alessia Mariotti, Coordinator of the Scientific Committee (Italy)
Walid Ben Cheikh Ahmed, IHET – Institut des Hautes études Touristiques de Sidi Dhrif de Carthage, Tunis, delegated by Wided Majdoub, Sousse University (Tunisia)

Also attended the Meeting:
Giovanni Brizzi, President of the International Confederation, Bologna University (Italy)
Antonio Barone, Director – Manager of the Phoenicians’ Route
Manuel Peregrina, Phoenicians’ Route Cultural Heritage Unit, member of the Scientific Committee
Karsten Xuereb, Policy Manager of the Superintendency of Malta Cultural Heritage, Malta University, already Project Coordinator for Valletta’s – European Capital of Culture 2018 and Inizjamed’s Project Manager
Clara Mollica, Phoenicians’ Route technical secretary
Giusy Critti, Phoenicians’ Route technical secretary
Alberto Nicotra, Phoenicians’ Route intern