Progetto Mediterranea: a cultural and scientific expedition (Italy, France, Spain and Portugal) May, 26th – September, 15th

Progetto Mediterranea is a nautical, cultural and scientific initiative of relationship among people based on an idea of the writer and sailor Simone Perotti and carried out with a group of 51 people, the “Mediterranei”. The theatre of this expedition is the Mediterranean sea, the center of the world, of civilization, of language, of culture, of art, of ethnic groups, and of thought.
From 2014, the boat of this expedition is sailing around the Mediterranean regions meeting people, places, tastes, thoughts and listening to the stories of the Mediterranean, an area made homogeneous by its millenary story, made of fertile and inexhaustible diversity and cultural richness.

This year, thanks to the collaboration with the Phoenicians’ Route and the participation of the members of our International Confederation, we will talk about the Mediterranean Cultural Heritage and the Intercultural Dialogue along the ancient sea routes used by the Phoenician-Punic civilization and by other ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

Cultural goal: Progetto Mediterranea, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes and independent correspondents, invites on board intellectuals and artists, philosophers and cultural workers, communicating with them in search of the voices and the thoughts of the Mediterranean.
Scientific goal: Progetto Mediterranea, in collaboration with Italian and international universities and research centres, is a “floating laboratory” for Science.
Nautical goal: Progetto Mediterraea aims to highlight and promote the dissemination of nautical culture, one of the authentic roots of Mediterranean culture.

Progetto Mediterranea is supported by the President of the Italian Republic, it has the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the Italian Navy, moreover, it is member of RIDE-APS Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue. As part of cooperation with the cultural and scientific world, Progetto Mediterranea received the honorary patronage of the cultural programme “Italia, Culture, Mediterraneo” by MAECI and of CNR-IIA – National Research Centre, Enviromental Pollution Institute, INAF – National Institute of Astrophysics, Aquarium of Genoa, FISPMED, and MUMA – Museum of the Sea and Migrations in Genoa.

The “Progetto Mediterranea” expedition has established agreements, active cooperations and research on board with:
University of Siena and Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN), as partner of the project “Plastic Busters MPAs – “Plastic Busters: preserving biodiversity from plastics in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas” – Integrated Project under Priority Axis 3: Protecting and promoting Mediterranean natural and cultural resources of the Interreg Med Program
SAHFOS (Sir Alister Hardy Foundaton for Ocean Science in Plymouth, UK) as part of the Continuous Plankton Recording project;
INAF – National Institute of Astrophysics of the project “The Astrophysics aboard Mediterranea”;
CNR-IIA to develop experimental observation projects of marine and coastal environment;
University of Salento for the campaign “Watch for Jelly!”, the Science of citizens

Media partners: Ansa, AnsaMed and Ansa Mare.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Phoenicians’ Route, Progetto Mediterranea has been included among the activities of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

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