The Phoenicians’ Route opens an Official Library in Castelvetrano – Sicily

For the first time in Europe The Phoenicians’ Route opens an Official Library, that is a Bookstore – Library dedicated to the Route and the other 44 Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe as part of the homonymous Programme.

This is an initiative born thanks to the collaboration between the Phoenicians’ Route and the Mondadori Point of Castelvetrano (TP – Sicily), located in Piazza Carlo d’Aragona and Tagliavia 22, in the city center. The aim of the initiative is to promote the theme of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe through publications dedicated to them and, in particular, to the Phoenicians’ Route which deals with the theme of Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue and the legacy of Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations which still influences today the contemporary Euro-Mediterranean society.

From a common origin, linked to the ancient civilizations that lived between the 12th century BC. and the Roman Empire, the current inhabitants of the Mediterranean, within the various countries bordering it, can find models and tools for sustainable development, sharing ideals of peace and dialogue. The space of the Official Library will be enriched with publications that will arrive from all certified Cultural Routes who wish to join the initiative and from the Council of Europe, both through promotional publications and with the indication of publications for sale on the themes of the different Routes.

In this way, the Official Library will also act as an International Documentation Center on the themes of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe for students and interested people.

It is the first time in Europe that such a place has been created apart from, of course, the documentation center at the European Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg.

Together with the Phoenicians’ Route, the Official Library will offer activities and initiatives dedicated to the promotion of reading, aimed at interested schools and universities.