The NATIONAL DAYS OF REDISCOVERED ARCHAEOLOGY of the Archaeological Groups of Italy are the main event of this organization. For 16 years, the Italian national event has been promoting the enhancement and safeguard of the so-called “minor” cultural heritage assets that risk being abandoned and erased from the historical memory of people. For this reason, it is patronised by MiBACT and has already received numerous honours from the Presidency of the Italian Government. This year, the main event, which will host volunteers of Archaeological Groups from all over Italy, will be held in Sicily, in the Selinunte territory, from October 9th to 11th, 2020organized by the Selinunte Archaeological Group and fully shared by the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, Cave di Cusa and Pantelleria and by the entire “chora selinuntina”, between Campobello di Mazara, Castelvetrano, Sambuca di Sicilia and Menfi.

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The Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, which has had its headquarters in Selinunte since 2003, will be the case study of the event, as an example of enhancement of the cultural heritage and intercultural Euro-Mediterranean dialogue.

The event will consist of visits, exhibitions, debates and itinerant meetings, observing the directives concerning the limit of gatherings and the risks associated with Covid-19. It will also be an opportunity to present interesting case studies on the enhancement of cultural heritage, also because of the changed conditions of accessing cultural sites. It will result in an important opportunity for the interested area to relaunch itself from the point of view of integrated and experiential cultural tourism, of creativity, of new forms of public-private cooperation.

Photo: Giuseppe La Rosa

The Association of Archaeological Groups of Italy currently counts 3,500 members throughout Italy and more than 65 local groups; therefore, it is a widespread network involving the whole country. The Association has started the process of joining the Phoenicians’ Route in order to develop joint initiatives fostering the involvement of the world of volunteers and archaeology enthusiasts. Among other activities, Campus and Laboratories open to archaeologists and enthusiasts, also concerning underwater heritage.

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