March 14, 2017. Italian Landscape National Day

Promote the culture of the landscape and raise awareness on the issues and the values of the protection of territories. This is the objective of the first edition of the National Landscape Day, established by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, to be held tomorrow – March 14th 2017 – with more than 120 events all over Italy.

Starting from the European Landscape Convention (DM 457/2016), the initiative invokes the landscape as the identity value of the country and aims to convey, especially to the new generations, the message that the protection of the landscape and the historical memory that comes, constitute essential cultural values  for a conscious development of the territory. During the National Landscape Day, the Archaeology, Fine Art and Landscape Superintendencies will open their doors to citizens to raise awareness and reflection on the theme, while the MiBACT Museum will offer visitors encounters and insights focused on collections of works depicting landscapes.

The initiatives planned, continuously updated, can be consulted on site and take place over much of the national territory. It ranges from “Shared Landscapes”, a social campaign promoted by the Superintendence of L’Aquila to their Facebook profile, to “The Art tells the Landscape”, with a visit to the English Garden and its monuments in the Royal Palace of Caserta. “Gardens paintings and landscape paintings” at the National Roman Museum, with a free guided tour to the discovery of the Roman art landscape representation techniques, to “Brera and the landscape”, with a reflection on the theme proposed to visitors to the National Gallery in Milan with the exhibition of a work in which the landscape is at the center of artistic creation, from “Time of the landscape”, with a photo exhibition proposed by the Superintendence of Cosenza, to meetings “From the imagination to the image”, the landscape in the film language and “Redesigning the landscape”, environmental art in Tuscany promoted by the Superintendence of Siena.