Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ways and The Phoenicians’ Route – Vinci (Italy), 20 January 2017

On 20 and 21 January was held in Vinci (Florence-Italy) an important meeting between the Promotion Committee LEONARDO DA VINCI’S WAYS and the representatives of three Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: Sami Tawfik – Project Development Manager European Association Vie Francigene; Antonio Barone – Director of The Phoenicians’ Route and Enrico Zunino – Italy Coordinator of Destination Napoleon.

On Friday 20th January 2017 at the THEATRE OF MERCY in Vinci, was held an open assembly, called “Da Vinci in Europe”, during which the Committee celebrated a year of activity by presenting to the citizens, associations and stakeholders of territory, the Candidature of the project Leonardo da Vinci’s Ways as Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. The Committee aims to create an international association to network all the places that have seen operate the genius, but also those who hold the works. In our continent, it would be at least 15 countries. The President Leonardo Paglianti said he was very satisfied with the work done, that will allow to participate in the annual Forum of European Cultural Routes, to be held in Lucca in 2017, with most of the requirements needed to obtain the prestigious recognition of the Council of Europe. He called on all those present to join, participate and support the project to enhance together the cultural and business excellence of the territory.

Many the interventions including that of the Arch. Patrizia Vezzosi, Project Manager, who presented the project and of the Scientific Committee Coordinator Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci.

The interventions of the representatives of the three routes guests have confirmed the validity of the project presenting their successful experiences involving dozens of countries and hundreds of locations in continental Europe and the Mediterranean. Impressive numbers of visitors moved by a continuous interweaving of events, which promote experiential tourism, especially in very often unknown paths to most visitors.

Saturday, January 21, the meeting continued in Uzielli House with a workshop titled “Opportunities of the European Cultural Routes”. Technical and organizational aspects with valuable suggestions were examined for a successful development of the project and have been recognized in the initiative many of the positive characteristics needed to form a Route of great potential. The collaboration between routes is one of the Council of Europe aims to get, through cultural exchange, increased knowledge among peoples and peace education.