Journey to Sicily on the Phoenicians Route of the College Courses Bastide – Marseille and twinning with the IC Radice Pappalardo Castelvetrano. 3 to 6 May

The College “Courses Bastide” Marseille will be in Sicily from May 3rd-6th for a interculturality atravel among the Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. In the travel is included twinning with the Institute “Radice-Pappalardo” of Castelvetrano, one of the promoters of the Mediterranean Schools Network (EDU.NET) of the Phoenicians’ Route. Within three days of visits, intercultural meetings, an open dialogue that will allow a youth to discover other parts of the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, in the same period, there is a tour of Liceo Linguistico di Castiglione Fiorentino to visit their friends of the Artistic school of Ibiza.

The activities of the Mediterranean Schools Network (EDU.NET) of the Phoenicians’ Route now involve schools from different countries, outside Europe too, as in the case of Tunis schools (Carthage) and Jerusalem that began relations with European schools participating in the network.

rotta dei fenici scuole