International Archaeological Summer Schools, Menfi (Sicily) – 25-31 July 2020

On the occasion of the “European Archaeology Days(19-21 June 2020) the Phoenicians’ Route presents an “International Camp in Underwater Archeology – investigations and prospections” organized by the Archaeological Groups of Italy – underwater unit in collaboration with the Phoenicians’ Route, which will be held in Menfi (Sicily) in July. The aim of the camp is to propose an integrated sea-land excavation with the participation of n. 12 volunteers and enthusiasts. Registration now open! 

The initiative is the result of collaboration between the two organizations – in fact the National Network of Archaeological Groups is joining the Phoenicians’ Route – which will lead to the organization of national and international school camps. The Municipality of Menfi, which is already actively collaborating with the Phoenicians’ Route, will host this diving camp. Along the coasts of Menfi the Carthaginian wreck was found by Prof. Sebastiano Tusa.

Archive: Superintendency of the Sea – Sicily Region

Scientific Committee
Superintendent of the Sea – Sicily Region
Archaeological Groups of Italy – underwater unit

PhD. Federico Fazio
Teaching Staff
PhD. Federico Fazio, maritime archeologist
PhD. Teresa Chiara Saitta, maritime archeoligist

Course content
The course integrates theory and practice of maritime archaeology activities. It will guide the partecipants through the research, survey and study of underwater archaeologicalsites and it will include mapping and documentation analysis, interpretation of submerged sites, technologies of underwater archaeology investigation, underwater excavations and photograpyand best management practices.
The course has been designed to specifically develp the skills of the students as underwater archaeologists, with partecipation in person to underwater survey and excavation at the underwater arhaeological school camp located along the coastal area in front of the town of Licata, province of Agrigento in Italy. School camp’s depth is in the 10 to 15 meters below sea level.

Programma delle attività, documentazione e attrezzature richieste (PDF)