Reasons to join the Phoenicians’ Route

With the “Cultural Route” certification, the Council of Europe encourages cooperation and exchange in the fields of culture, education and tourism. More than 40 Cultural Routes actually recognized within the Council of Europe Programme promote interculturality between populations and nations, not only in Europe. The Cultural Route “The Phoenicians’ Route” is a vector of cultural, economic and social development on a Euro-Mediterranean scale, operating in 3 continents.

Joining the Phoenicians’ Route means becoming part of a permanent network, made up of institutional, territorial and thematic bodies, universities, research centers and schools, non-profit organizations, places of culture and private operators from different sectors developing shared strategies in 12 Euro-Mediterranean countries. Geographically distant places are united by a common past, for the enhancement of all the cities and countries that are part of it, of their archaeological heritage, landscape and identity and their quality productions. A territorial marketing tool but also a selection of destinations and institutions of excellence that pursue common projects, programs and strategies.

The Phoenicians’ Route offers its members the skills and opportunities offered by an international network existing for about twenty years. It favors the development of innovative activities, in particular by developing specific models, methodologies and tools such as Smart Ways and Heritage Interpretation Centers. The Phoenicians’ Route works in direct contact with international organizations in the sector, national governments and regional authorities, local communities, following the G-Local approach, whereby what is local becomes global.

The enhancement actions that the Phoenicians’ Route implements, together with all cities and other partners, produce economic and cultural effects, also through forms of responsible, slow, creative, sustainable and community-based tourism. The action in fact starts from the bottom, a bottom up approach helping the territories and operators to improve their offer, which is then promoted at an international level, through trade fairs, media and cultural events.

Another important advantage for members is to have access to European / international projects and the exchange of good practices.

How to adhere
The interested organizations should:

– check the “Application Dossier“;
– complete and submit the Application form (Annexes A and B)
– complete and submit the Annex C (in inglese), in which the candidate undertakes to carry out activities related to the priority fields of action of the Council of Europe, also indicating the criteria for each field of action.

The application should be submitted to the International Scientific Committee, which will express its opinion also indicating, in the event of a positive evaluation, which Confederation Network (territorial network / thematic network) the candidate may join.

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