Education Service

The Heritage Pedagogy on the Phoenicians’ Route

Every year many schools organize study visits to discover the genius loci of the Mediterranean.

The Education Service of the Phoenicians’ Route was established to actively transmit knowledge, respect and interest in the cultural, natural and landscape heritage of the Mediterranean, promote interculturality, induce personal reflection, direct people towards behaviors and lifestyles in harmony with the natural and cultural context of the territories belonging to the Route.

The Phoenicians’ Route organizes cultural education programs for different age groups inspired by Action/Research, by Learning by doing and other Edutainment approaches that involve young and very young people in significant experiences related to the universal value of cultural heritage.

At the Education Center of the Phoenicians’ Route, specialized expert groups carry out educational programs tailored for different users.

Through the Heritage Pedagogy we want to renew the relationship between cultural and natural heritage and the man of today, with particular attention to the young people that this patrimony receive from us as an inheritance. They should be given the opportunity to get to know its more deeply and they will be able to renew this interest through their discoveries.

It is an active, interdisciplinary pedagogy based on the heritage itself, according to methods of communicative interpretation, speaks and interacts with the visitor who gets emotions, sensations, useful experiences. It implies collaboration between school, culture, associations and local community.

Products and activities proposed:

  • Inter-cultural travels to discover the cultural (material and immaterial) Mediterranean heritage, on the Phoenicians’ Route and along the Hannibal Pathway
  • Twinning between schools
  • Campus Schools
  • Museum educational activities and educational workshops
  • Activities of alternation “school/work”

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