International Network of Mediterranean Schools (Edu.Net) associated with the Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

The Project of an International Network of Mediterranean Schools (Edu.Net), associated with the Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, was born in 2014 in the context of Network of the Schools UNESCO – MIUR Italian Ministry of Public Education. It aims at creating a cultural space of exchange and proposals based on good educational practices and oh heritage pedagogy, on identity and the promotion of cultural heritage, material and immaterial, in order to strengthen the commitment of new generations in the promotion of intercultural dialogue through actions and pilot projects, developed in the various countries within the itinerary.

The main goal of the Network, better known as Edu.Net (Educational Network) is training young generations on the values of the Council of Europe, on Intercultural Dialogue and on Creativity.

The inclusion of educational institutions in the International Network of Mediterranean Schools (Edu.Net) associated with the Phoenicians’ Route, offers various opportunities for cultural and didactic exchanges of comparison, of projects, of twinning and of intercultural journeys, in search of a common Mediterranean cultural identity, with a careful approach to the defence of the material and immaterial cultural heritage and to sustainable development. A dedicated website will be a supportive operational tool, linked to the website.

Schools of every rank and level, both state and private, of Mediterranean countries along the Phoenicians’ Route can apply for membership.

The Institutes admitted to the Network will integrate their curricular activities with educational programs and projects with an international vocation, focused on at least one of the following reference themes:

  • Heritage related to the Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (Phoenician-Punic, Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Iberian, Celtic, Gallic, etc.);
  • Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue and Promotion of Identity;
  • Mediterranean diet;
  • Sustainable Development (Protection of the Mediterranean Sea and Sustainable Tourism)
  • Landscape and Cultural Routes.

How to join the International Network of Mediterranean Schools (Edu.Net)

Educational Institutions interested in joining the Network have to fill in the application form and send it to the following e-mail address:

LThe Direction Bureau of the Route, together with the members of the Scientific Committee, will examine the applications and the educational project presented for the inclusion in the portal and the assignment to the applicant Institute of the “School of the International Network of Mediterranean Schools – Edu.Net”. This qualification will allow schools to show the logo of the Phoenicians’ Route and will remain valid up to request for withdrawal or exclusion due to justified reason or inactivity.

The partner schools have to send a final report of the activities carried out during the school year by email by 15.07 of the following year to, and attach any materials and products, together with an indication of the link of the publication of works on the institutional website of the school.

Once admitted in the Network and upon payment of the annual fee, the schools will receive an educational kit with educational proposals and programs for the new school year.