Grad Poreč-Parenzo

A small peninsula with a symmetrical shape, a perfect natural shelter for the development of a port city exploited well before the arrival of the Illyrian population of the Histri, today the guardian of the splendid historic center of Grad Poreč. The manuscripts of ancient Greek historians and geographers, dating back to the sixth and fourth centuries BC, show the presence of a small fishermen village, confirmed by archaeological finds. Towards the second century BC, the Roman Castrum developed around the natural harbor, and subsequently became an important military bulwark.

Cardo and decumanus. It is around the main streets of the Roman Castrum that the historic center of Poreč develops: a city of a thousand souls, dominated by the beautiful Marafor Square, the ancient Forum. Little remains of the pagan temples and the original flooring, built in the first century by the will of Tito Abudio Vero,   Vice Admiral from Ravenna. Only the northern part of this meeting place, surrounded by bars, hotels and restaurants, retains few traces of it. The beautiful Palace of the Istrian Diet stands out, an elegant Baroque building that housed the Parliament of Istria since the seventeenth century, and which today brings together the buildings of the Regional Assembly.

Today Poreč is a renowned tourist destination with an extremely favorable climate throughout the year.

It is worth visiting the Interpretation Center dedicated to the Mula of Poreč, one of the most famous Italian folk songs starring cod.







View to Porec old town, famous tourist destination in Croatia in the morning sun

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