FIRST TOPIC: “Sea: Instrument of Intercultural Dialogue”

Material and immaterial heritage, in all its forms and expressions is the identity and the historical memory of populations and their ancient civilizations. At the same time, it expresses universally recognized values. It is the testimony of past civilizations and represents a link with current and future generations. The responsibilities of protecting the cultural heritage implies, therefore, putting in place every possible effort to preserve it as an instrument of knowledge, dialogue and mutual understanding among different cultures. Only through a journey of knowledge, indeed, it is possible to share the wealth that each culture brings to the development and growth of our economy and civil society. Preserving cultural diversity is the first fundamental step for mutual respect among the populations and their cultures. The sea has always been a tool, which brings together and unites different cultures and thoughts, and for this reason can be considered as the heritage of all, an element that unites and that opens to dialogue.

The Gate of Europe, by Mimmo Paladino in Lampedusa. Photo by Roberto Alajmo.