In the heart of the Apulia region, at the foot of the Murgia and a stone’s throw from the Itria Valley, there is a wonderful landscape dotted with beautiful farms. It’s the territory of Crispiano’s one hundred farms, today recognized as the “Uniqueness” of the Apulia Region.

Town of ancient origins, Crispiano has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by numerous finds from the Greek era, including a wealth of “grave goods” from the IV century, one of the most important pieces of the famous “Gold of Taranto”.







In an evocative path between Mediterranean hills and plains covered with imposing centuries-old olive trees, kilometre after kilometre, you will find farms whose construction period varies between the XV and XIX century and whose architectural variants range from the smallest rural farm to the most impressive structure with a closed court and fortified walls.

Visitors also have the chance to enjoy a series of thematic, cultural, naturalistic, archaeological and eno-gastronomic tourism itineraires to taste the excellent products of this ancient land kissed by the sun. The most interesting itineraries wind through the guided tours of the farms, the ravines, the historic centre, and the splendid scenery of the XII-XIII century Grotte del Vallone, which obtained the Herity certification in July 2016.

In the city of 100 farms with fertile territory, you can either immerse yourself in the peasant culture and traditions or discover caves and crypts.

Just 15 km away from Taranto, Crispiano still preserves a simple nature deeply linked to the earth.

The small town is located on the two banks of the Lizzitello Valley covered with woods, but to appreciate its ancient essence you can enter its beauties set in the rock such as the Crypt of Santa Maria or the Grotta della Stinge with its suggestive rounded karst conformations.