Cortona’s students travel to Sicily on the Phoenicians’ Route

The students of the classical high school IIS “Luca Signorelli” of Cortona began their Intercultural travel on the Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, which will lead them to the discovery of some of the most important cultural places that are part of the Route in Sicily, such as Segesta, Mozia, Castelvetrano, Selinunte, Palermo, Agrigento and Piazza Armerina.

The educational and tourist experience was also enriched by the meeting with another school belonging to the Network of the Mediterranean Schools (EDU.NET) of the Phoenicians’ Route: the IISS Institute “Cipolla – Pantaleo – Gentile” and, in particular, with a group of students who are attending a “PON” training course on the themes of Heritage Interpretation. After an initial opening meeting held at the Cipolla Scientific High School, during which the Manager Dr Gaetana Maria Barresi greeted and welcomed the group, the Sicilian students, divided into groups, told their own territory in urban trekking through the historic centre of Castelvetrano. Afterwards, the Cortona students had the chance to taste typical products and dishes prepared by the families of the students of Castelvetrano: a real “intercultural lunch” with a lot of couscous.

On the occasion of this event, a Forum among young people was also launched on the theme of the enhancement of cultural heritage with reference to the “Faro Convention” on the value of cultural heritage for society. The Forum will be carried on by the two schools, sharing the idea of becoming schools of excellence and FARO Permanent Educational Forum.

Six days of trips to cultural and archaeological sites, dialogue and debates among the students to discover the ancient and modern Mediterranean, following the concepts of heritage pedagogy, with self-managed experiences of the students who prepared the journey with their teachers and the collaborators of the Phoenicians’ Route in Cortona, a Municipality that is part of our International Confederation.

The contamination created between the Etruscan culture brought from Cortona and the Phoenician-Punic and Greek culture that characterises Sicily, which inevitably leads to the discovery of a koinè, a common cultural matrix, is certainly worthy of remarks.

Pictures by Flavio Leone.