Antica Via Selinuntina

The Greeks of the Western world realized an arterial road along Sicilian coast, so as to connect the colonies of Akrai and Kasmenai, going on to Camarina, Gela, Agrigento up to Selinunte. The Via...

Malta Island

The smallest state of the European Union expands across a small archipelago of six islands - the main ones being Malta, Gozo and Comino - a hundred kilometres south of the Sicilian coast, between...

Between Macedonia and Thrace

Laid at the foot of Rhodopes mountain range, Xanthi is the administrative centre of the homonym area of Eastern Thrace, in the current region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace - ancient crossroads between the...

The Island of Aphrodite

It is no coincidence that the ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite, the Venus of the Romans, was born from the sea of Cyprus. The charm surrounding the third largest island in the Mediterranean is...

The Phoenicians’ Route – Lebanon

Lebanon, the ancient Phoenicia, with a surface area little bigger than the Abruzzo's  one , is one of the smallest countries in the world, but its territory has ancient and glorious roots, result of...

The Hannibal Pathway – Spain

An itinerary on the footsteps of the epic enterprise of the most famous Carthaginian historical character, born in 2008 in collaboration with the UNESCO Unitwin Network “Culture, Tourism, Development”, the Hannibal Pathway is an...

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