BTE – Borsa del Turismo Extralberghiero, Monreale – December 3rd, 2018

Everything is ready for the third edition of the BTE, the Borsa del Turismo Extralberghiero scheduled for December 3rd in Sicily. It is the only Borsa on the national scene to be entirely dedicated...

Route of Places of Memory: Salt Pans, Tuna Fishing Centres, Towers and Sea Mines

Salt Pans,  tuna fishing centers and coastal towers in Sicily and in the Mediterranean have always been essential references to understand the close relationship between man and the sea and the suggested route leads...

Ancient Mediterranean Days. Tour in Lebanon, on the Phoenicians’ Route, 22-26 March 2017

From Lebanon start the celebrations of the Ancient Mediterranean Days with a Tour of the nation following the Phoenicians' Route. First stop the Barouk Cedar Forest, the tree symbol of the Phoenician civilization. The tour...

Otranto in the “Phoenicians’ Route”, Monday 22 May 2017

Monday 22 May at 10.00 at Palascia Lighthouse, headquarters of the Environmental Education Center, will be signed the entrance of the town of OTRANTO (Puglia Region/Italy) in the Phoenicians' Route, within the Magna Grecia...

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