Back from the 7th Cultural Routes Advisory Forum, Lucca September 27-29

From Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 September, the 7th Forum of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe was held in Lucca, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the European Program, highlighting its past, present and future contributions to the promotion of the values of the Council of Europe in the field of human rights, cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue, with particular attention to the role of democratic citizenship and cultural, sustainable and accessible tourism.

Three main themes were explored during the Forum:
• 30 years of history, values and future of cultural routes;
• cultural heritage and sustainable tourism: democratic participation, local development and accessibility – a comparison of experiences in Europe and beyond;
• promoting cultural diversity, dialogue (intercultural, intergenerational, …) and cultural diplomacy.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary, after the official opening of Palazzo Ducale, there was an important event with a ceremony, a dinner and a concert at the Teatro del Giglio.

During the “Awards Ceremony” our Director, Antonio Barone, has received an important award for the work done by the entire International Network.

The Cultural Routes are a unique invitation to travel and discover the rich and diversified heritage of Europe. High Representative of the Member States of the Council of Europe, Ministries of Culture and Tourism, European Institutions, International Organizations, Tourism Organizations and Transnational Networks attended the Forum this year. In addition to Presidents of Associations and Cultural Organizations, along with academics, experts and representatives of the cultural and tourism sectors.