Agreement between the Phoenicians’ Route and OITS – ISTO America to promote cooperation between Europe – the Mediterranean and the Americas in cultural, academic, tourist and commercial fields

The Phoenicians’ Route has signed a collaboration agreement with OITS – ISTO America (Secretariat for the Americas of the International Social Tourism Organisation). The International Organization brings together social, sustainable and supportive tourism entities all over the world and promotes accessible and responsible tourism: one of the most important world tourism organizations whose European section is a member of the Phoenicians’ Route.

The purpose of the agreement is the exchange of experiences and good practices, the organization of events, but above all the implementation of pilot projects, both for single country and areas of interest, between America, Europe and the Mediterranean. Through this prestigious collaboration, the Phoenicians’ Route intends to develop exchanges between countries of the two continents in cultural, academic, tourist and commercial fields. Just as the Silk Road unites Asia and Europe, the Phoenicians’ Route will connect Europe and the Mediterranean to the Americas.

Several countries and regions have expressed their interest in collaborating with the Route, also through the communities of European origin located in American countries, from Canada to Argentina.

The agreement was presented on Tuesday, June 2nd during the webinar  “Collaboration in the Americas: education, training and networking“, carried out in the framework of the International Social Tourism Week organized by ISTO – International Social Tourism Organization between May 28th and June 4th, for the first time worldwide.

The role of tourism in the new post-Covid19 society has been discussed throughout the course of a series of online meetings on various topics: a society eager to make sense of its personal and family life; the concrete possibilities able to confer human and social sense to tourism in the coming years.

For more information on the International Social Tourism Week, refer to the ISTO official website