Conventions and agreements

  • June – Agreement with ISTO America (section for the Americas of the International Social Tourism Organisation)
  • September – Agreement with the Belicina Museum and Nature Network
  • October – Renewal of the Agreement with the Superintendence of the Sea of the Sicilian Region
  • July – Agreement with the AIC Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce
  • October – The Phoenicians’ Route joins the Network RIDE – Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue – Anna Lindh Foundation
  • June – Agreement with the MANN National Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • July – Agreement with the Santagata Foundation for the Economics of Culture
  • March – Charter of Tyre
  • May – Charter of the Festival for the Mediterranean
  • March – Charter of the Magna Graecia
  • March – Charter of the Etruscans
  • June – Charter of Marseilles
  • March – Convention for the activities of scientific collaboration and teaching support, in accordance with the coordinated Text Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code with the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity – Regional Department of BBCC and IS, Superintendence of the Sea.
  • June – Charter of Jaén
  • June – Convention with Legambiente Italy
  • April – Charter of Pula
  • November – Charter of Cartago
  • April – Enhancement agreement with the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Umbria
  • July – Framework agreement for collaboration with the Foundation El Legado Andalusì
  • March – Collaboration agreement for the implementation in partnership of the project to improve the quality of services aimed at developing and promoting a cultural tourism itinerary through the Phoenician-Punic testimonies in Sicily with the Regional Province of Trapani – Economic Development, Tourism, Policies agriculture and culture Sector
  • June – Charter of Perugia
  • September – Charter of Karpathos
  • July – Enhancement agreement with MiBAC – Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
  • September – Collaboration agreement with PromPerù
  • May – Ajaccio Statement (5+5 countries)
  • October – Charter of Selinunte (Birth of Hannibal Pathway)
  • June – Memorandum of understanding and scientific collaboration with Regional Museum d’Aumale of Terrasini (Palermo, Sicily) for the Network of the Museum of the Mediterranean Sea project

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