The International Confederation – How to adhere

Since 2011, the guarantor network of the Cultural Route “The Phoenicians’ Route” is the International Confederation working in collaboration with national governments, international institutions, companies, communities and territories, aside from current national identities. As a result, through the certification of the Council of Europe, the Confederation of the Phoenicians’ Route holds the exclusive internationally on issues of the Route.

The applicant is aware that the adhesion to the Phoenicians’ Route Confederation implicate, in particular, the following fundamental obligations:

  • to promote the values of democracy and cooperation among the populations as a foundation for a peaceful and civil coexistence;
  • to guarantee an active participation in the activities (scientific and educational ones, international dialogue, cultural tourism) of the Phoenicians’ Route Confederation and the payment of the annual fee established by the General Assembly of the Route;
  • to guarantee the respect of the criteria of each Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe (Resolution CM/Res (2013)67 of the Council of Europe, Rules for the award of the “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”) listed below:
  • Cooperation in terms of research and development
  • Enhancement of memory, history and heritage of Europe and Mediterranean
  • Cultural and educational exchanges among European youngsters
  • Contemporary cultural and artistic practice
  • Cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations that can join the Phoenicians’ Route are: public local authorities, private citizens, chambers of commerce, foundations, associations, ONG and other institutions that bring together territorial authorities working for the enhancement of cultural, tangible and intangible, natural heritage of the Mediterranean and linked to the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean and their sites, or having historical‐cultural relationships with these Mediterranean civilizations, with the Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue and sustainable and responsible tourism.

Scientific Institutions, Research Centres, Universities can join the International Universities Network – IUN promoted by the Phoenicians’ Route.
Museums and cultural sites, both public and private ones, operating in the above‐mentioned fields, can join the Network of Mediterranean Museums “MeMuNet” of the Phoenicians’ Route.
Schools of all levels in the Mediterranean area that are interested in developing good practices of heritage pedagogy linked to the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean can join the Network of Mediterranean Schools “EduNet” promoted by the Phoenicians’ Route.
Since 2019 (on the occasion of the ITB Fair in Berlin) the “Phoenicians’ Route Tour Operator Alliance” has also been operational, a network that brings together tour operators from around the world wishing to collaborate with the Route on innovative models of cultural, experiential, creative and responsible tourism.

How to adhere
The interested organizations should:

– inspect the “Application Dossier
– send the Application for membership (Annex A)
– complete and submit the Application form (Annex B)
– complete and submit the Annex C in which the candidate undertakes to carry out activities related to the priority fields of action of the Council of Europe, also indicating the criteria for each field of action:

This application will be verified by the International Scientific Committee that will express an opinion on the occasion of the first meeting from the transmission of the documents, specifying also witch Confederation Network (territorial network/thematic network) should oversee the candidate organization.
The Directorate will transmit this decision to the candidate in question and to the network it will join, highlighting also the potential membership fee to be paid to accomplish it.
Following the payment of the potential fee, the adhesion to the Route will be ratified by the Steering Committee during the first scheduled meeting. Pending this ratification, an e-mail by the Director of the Phoenicians’ Route will be received.
Only upon completion of the membership process, the Director will proceed to communicate the new adherent through the Route channels, to include it in the platform of the European Institutes of Cultural Routes ( and in the mailing lists to be informed on the activities and on the executive proposals of the networks.

The other organizations referred to in the previous paragraph can join their respective executive category by contacting the Executive Secretariat of the Route (

The Phoenicians’ Route International Confederation


STATUTE of the CONFEDERATION: it is possible to receive a copy of the Statute upon request to