412 BC – The triumph of Esseneto, athlete of Akragas and champion at the Olympic Games, October 6th – 7th

The Valle dei Templi of Agrigento goes back to living its history. Over 13 thousand visitors last year and now we are working to talk about the Olympic Games: demonstrations, workshops, scenic performances, camps, for an intense dip in the past.

The historical re-enactment event, which last spring recorded over 13 thousand attendees to the Valle dei Templi, comes back on October 6th and 7th, 2018 to make Agrigento relive its history.

This year, the event will revive the “412 BC: The triumph of Esseneto, athlete of Akragas and champion at the Olympic Games”.

The initiative, promoted by the Archaeological and Landscape Park of the Valle dei Templi and sponsored by the Regional Department for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, by the Department for Education and Vocational Training and by the Municipality of Agrigento, is designed by Pastactivity Association archaeologists: Laura Danile, Giovanni Virruso and Zelia Di Giuseppe, supported by the artistic director Andrea Moretti, by moroeventi.com, in collaboration with the Cultural Associations “Figli del Sole”, “Simmachìa Ellenon”, “Legio XV Apollinaris” and “The Phoenicians”.

Among the partners of the initiative, there is also the Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, which includes also Pastactivity Association in its International Confederation.

The two days will be entirely devoted to the dissemination of the story, with demonstrations and thematic workshops, which will allow to relive the atmosphere that was breathed in Akragas in the fifth century BC, when the Olympic champion Esseneto returned victorious to the city. The athlete won the “Stadion” race for two consecutive Olympics, one of the most important speed race of the time, so much so that the city awarded him a triumphal entry.

Along the Sacred Way of the Valle dei Templi, the visitors will be transported back to 412 BC and will become active protagonists of a historic moment of celebration. They will visit the camps to discover the various aspects of Akragas’ daily life, such as the kitchen, the symposium, the craftsmanship, they will be able to attend the training sessions, get to know and try out unusual sports disciplines, re-proposed with clothes and tools of the time. The re-enactment of the triumph of Esseneto will allow students, families and visitors of all ages to start a time travel to attend the Olympic Games, one of the most important cultural moments of the classical world.

Agrigento is the first Sicilian city that, thanks to the Pastactivity Association, is carrying out a project of historical re-enactment and living history, useful to promote the appropriation of the historical and cultural heritage of the territory by a large audience of participants.

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