33 Islands Project

33 Islands is a travel project. An unusual cultural cruise through all the smaller inhabited Italian islands, on board of Maribelle, a small and original sailboat, without a cabin. Discovering, rather than the echoes of the past, the future of these islands and those young people who, driven by a strong sense of belonging, have decided to realize ambitious, modern and innovative dreams. The photograph of an apparently marginal yet real, alive, important Italy and Mediterranean epAt the same time, it is the opportunity to give voice to the people of these islands, the so-called minor but that are certainly not minor in terms of attractions and peculiarities. The only skipper of the journey is Lucio Bellomo, oceanographer, navigator and passionate about sea who has been entertaining this dream for a long time. The initiative aims to draw attention to places in constant search for balance between abandonment and over-exploitation. A communication troupe will follow the navigation by land to tell island by island the young people who live and work in those places, carrying out productive activities – from sustainable fishing to ceramic art, just to name a couple – that represent a concrete perspective and hope for the future. 

In four months Lucio will travel 2,300 nautical miles, up to Venice, and will reach thirty-three small and large Italian islands meeting people and witnessing life in the landing places.

Lega Navale and The Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe are partners and sponsors.

On the social channels of the Route and on our website, we will develop an engaging communication, an interaction with the network to discuss and deepen some issues concerning the Mediterranean, from its culture to the environment, from its protection to sustainability, from life on the islands to their identity and gastronomy.





Follow this fascinating journey with us!!