1st Meeting of the Spanish Network of the Phoenicians’ Route, Melilla

From November 30 to December 1, in the city of Melilla was held the First Meeting of the Spanish Network of the Phoenicians’ Route, organized in collaboration with the Autonomous City of Melilla and Melilla Monumental Foundation.

On the morning of Thursday, December 1, at the Great Hall of the Autonomous City of Melilla – Golden Hall – it was signed the Act of Accession to the Jaén Charter by Juan Imbroda Ortiz, President of the Autonomous City of Melilla, Antonio Barone, Director of Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe and Arturo Ruiz, Honorary President of the Phoenicians’ Route.

Following was held the Meeting of the Spanish Network of the Phoenicians’ Route currently composed of:

University of Jaén
Deputation of Jaén
Provincial Deputation of Pontevedra
Foundation Tourism Palma de Mallorca 365
Autonomous City of Melilla
Municipality of Linares
Municipality of Santo Tomé
Municipality of Cartagena
Municipality of Mazarrón
Municipality of Guardamar de Segura (Alicante)
Municipality of Eivissa
Municipality of Baena
Archaeological Museum of Catalunya
Association of Friends na Galera
Association of Iberians’ Friends

Future members:
Junta of Andalusia
Murcia Region
Municipality of Cadiz
Municipality of Valencia
Municipality of Alicante
Municipality of Malaga
Municipality of Velez-Malaga
Municipality of Cuevas de Almanzora
Municipality of Galera
Municipality of Baza
Municipality of Valdepeñas
Municipality of Sagunto
Municipality of Chiclana
University of Cadiz

Assembly’s aim was to prepare the planning of activities for the year 2017, exchange of best practices and development of joint strategies for the development of the Network Phoenicians’ Route in Spain.