11th International Conference for Cultural Tourism in Europe, Pafos (Cyprus), 25-27 October

The 11th Conference for Cultural Tourism in Europe will be held in Pafos, Cyprus, on 25-27 October 2018, in the frame of the “European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018” (EYCH2018)
European Initiative: Tourism & heritage Sustainable and Responsible Tourism around Cultural Heritage, co-organised by European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) and the Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, lead partner of Interreg Europe CHRISTA Project​ and partner in the Interreg Europe projects Cult-RInG (Cultural Routes as Investment for Growth and Jobs) and DESTI-SMART (Delivering Efficient Sustainable Tourism – Sustainable Mobility, Accessibility and Responsible Travel).

​​The 11th International Conference “Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism” will discuss the latest trends in the field of cultural heritage and responsible and sustainable tourism, including innovation, creativity, design, r&d and cultural tourism product development.

The conference aims to explore major challenges, risks and opportunities for sustainable and responsible tourism development related to cultural heritage assets, as well as suggest practical steps for the development and promotion of cultural tourism products.

Presenters are invited to showcase relevant experience, share their best practices, give detailed examples and provide practical recommendations to preserving, restoring, deploying and promoting cultural values, diversity and heritage for sustainable and responsible tourism development.

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism is a member of our International Confederation.

Our Director, Dr Antonio Barone will attend the meeting.

Conference Programme

For further information visit the Website of the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN).